Learning together through Roleplay

Playwear Plus outfits were designed to encourage imagination and education for all, no matter how challenged a child may be. Children can play with their peers at home, playgroup, nursery or school with these outfits, and can ‘be’ someone else quickly in tabards that slip on easily over their own clothes.

My middle child was born with a rare chromosome disorder, which meant that she was severely delayed developmentally. As a teacher-trained mother of three, I designed dressing up clothes to encourage play and language development, first in our own playroom, then later into playgroups, nurseries and primary schools.

All designs are made in high quality fabrics and trimmings, with heavy use and therefore regular laundering one of the main requirements of the range.

Gender neutrality was designed into the outfits right from the very beginning: essential when working with 2 little girls and a wee boy.

Simplified designs mean that children can get into and out of the clothes quickly and independently.

Hospital Play set
People Who Help Us Set
Working World Set

All outfits can be ordered individually or in sets for group play settings.

For more information or to arrange a visit to your group to see the outfits, contact me at bonnie@bonniesworkshop.com