Fast, faster, fastest scissors amulets

Fast, faster, fastest scissors amulets

18th May 2017 Uncategorised 0


Several years ago I designed a little scissors amulet for hour long make and take projects at quilt shows in Scotland. The design showed off programmed stitches on Husqvarna Lily sewing machines (that shows how long ago this was!) and everyone loved the result. Part of the class was making the twisted cord by machine: 10 minutes saw that part done!

Slow sew handstitched

My friend Christine Porter told me to make it and all my other little Sew to Go pieces brighter, so when I redesigned the basic amulet  as a hand stitching project for my Centre for Lifelong Learning class at Strathclyde Uni, we cut narrow strips and foundation pieced them onto stabiliser. The cord had to be made by hand too, and this time it took about 10 hours to make! And again, everyone loved it.

So imagine my distress a few weeks ago when I lost my beloved wee scissors amulet the night before I headed off to teach a class. After an hour of tearing through bags and boxes, I decided there was nothing else for it than to make myself another scissors amulet.

This one was made in under an hour after midnight, and everyone loved it too.


and of course, when the panic was over and the class was done, I found my handstitched beaded amulet. And I love it…

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